The aloken, much like the Vicious Summoner does not fall easily into the trinity of Tank, DPS, support. With reasonbly high damage, armor, and strong party buffs, the aloken can fill in for most roles a party needs, while being an excellent solo character.


  • Great End Game Class
  • Good Defense
  • Mid-High Damage
  • Good PVP/PK Class
  • Excellent Buffs
  • Fun to Play


  • Expensive to Play
  • Low HP
  • Not good Against Bosses


The aloken weapon of choice is the


In addition they also have the


a defensive "weapon" much like the shield.


While their armor is about middle of the group, the guardarm pushes them to Azure Knight and Bagi Warrior levels of tankyness. An Aloken is at home on the frontlines, hammering opponents with lightning fast blows, but can easily move to the back to support her allies with her powerful party buffs. A list of armors can be found here.

Aloken Armor

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