Concerra Summoners (Commonly referred to as Concerras) Are the female version of the Vicious Summoner. While they share several skills, the Concerra Summoner is more of an Assassin type role. With a couple very powerful attacks, the Concerra is designed to get in, burst the target down, and get out before drawing unwanted attention. The Concerra is one of the two new classes, and can only be found here in Dekaron Evolution. Pros

  • Considered To Be Overpowered
  • Fun to Play
  • Good PK/PVP
  • Along with Vicious summoner one of the fastest classes to level.
  • High Damage
  • Great End Game Class
  • Wanted In DF Parties
  • Epic AoEs.
  • Hybrids Are Highly Recommended. (Can Serve as a Pro/Con)


  • Low Defense
  • Low HP
  • Only 2 Strong skills in DB Section
  • Extremely Expensive to Play
  • Hyrbirds Are Highly Recommended. (Can Serve as a Pro/Con)


The Concerra has 2 weapons. The DualBlade and the staff. The DualBlade gives the Concerra several very damaging physical attacks, while the staff gives them some nice party buffs in the form of sacra's as well as some very damaging spells.


Dual Blade


The concerra armor is much like that of the Vicious Summoner in that it's about the middle range. A concerra however is not built for sustained combat. Only 2 of their skills do high damage, hanging around on the frontlines is a good way to get killed. A list of Concerra armor can be found over there.

Concerra Summoner Armor

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